Vision, Mission and Values

KHIC mission is to bring value to our shareholders by providing reliable and sustainable services to our clients in Kazakhstan.

Our vision is to be a highly profitable leading organization that offers safest, most inspiring and meaningful environment for efficient work while supporting growth and development of local communities.


Helaty & Safety
KHIC takes full responsibility for the health and safety of employees and all stakeholders involved in our activities. We put safety first and do not compromise.

High Efficiency & Quality
KHIC’s passion for excellence allows us to achieve high efficiency and quality for the solutions we deliver to our Clients. We believe in innovation and progress and continuously explore new opportunities for development, while ensuring strict adherence to the existing international standards and norms.

Reliability & Trust
We believe that reliability and trust are the core engines of our future. Trust does not come easily; trust is earned and secured by actions and results. KHIC is a reliable partner and we appreciate the trust we receive from our employees, Clients, suppliers and external partners.

We value and respect our partnerships and work on all of our agreements with confidence and confidentiality.

KHIC accepts only winning positions. Being a leader and inspiration is part of our corporate culture. To support our leading positions we invest in growth and development of individual leaders within the organization, people who love what they do and communicate this love to their teams.

Sustainability & Integrity
KHIC’s commitment to employees, Clients, local communities and environment is central to KHIC’s mission and vision. We set high standards of fairness, reliability, honesty and transparency and apply them to all our actions both collective and individual.